What a Great Opportunity to Enhance your 5 Senses!

Rhodes Island

So, you’ve decided to visit the island of Rhodes… Good for You! The next decision is to take the opportunity and live this trip holistically, through all of your Senses! The place is just perfect to do that! When visiting a new destination, most of the times you think about visiting the monuments, taste some of the local favors and maybe socialize with some locals. In this case we suggest you to do all of the above… And many more!


Explore Rhodes through your 5 Senses!


A destination where the Beauty of Nature meets the Style of Class Beauty!

Get Marveled with the Unique Colors of Nature in a Sunrise.
Do you think you have already seen all of nature’s colors? Well, wait until you visit one of the beautiful beaches that you will find in Rhodes and wait the sun to rise up. Even if you are not fond of waking up early in the morning, it is totally worth it to do that just once.

Wander around the beautiful streets filled with flowers and finesse.
As you walk across the island, you will realize one thing: This place is blessed with the warmth of the Sun, the colors of the flowers and a touch of style. You will find all of those characteristics combined either when walking in the streets of the town of Rhodes, or in the alleys of a traditional village.




The rhythm of the Sea and the Talented Locals!Co-Operating with the professionals of a Destination Management Company can be highly beneficial. Get some ideas about how your DMC partner can help you.

Feel the Sea through the Calm sound of the Waves.
Have you ever felt that you want to get detached from your everyday routine and stress in your vacation? Well, the best way to do that is to just lay on the beach and listen to the sound of waves! After a while, the stress is gone and relaxation comes in. You may also call that magic!

Have a nice time along with the Local Musicians!
When visiting Rhodes, you will encounter many live events with talented musicians taking place at some hotels, bars and restaurants. A great opportunity to listen to some jazz or latin music of high quality!





Let the nature become one with your Skin!

At the Sea.
Walk barefoot at the beach and touch the sand with your hands, when you are by the sea. Feel the dewiness of the water, while swimming.

At your Strolls.
When walking around, don’t just stand watching the trees and the flowers of the place. Touch the leaves and get the beauty of nature to raise your senses!




The Culture of Rhodes through its Local Cuisine!

We always say that the best way to get to know the culture of a place is through its flavors.
This is also the case in the island of Rhodes! You are visiting a place that has lots to offer you to eat and drink! If you have associate the greek food just with the traditional moussaka and tzatziki, think again! Ask your tourist guide, or the citizens of the island to suggest you some places, where you can taste some authentic, traditional cuisine! Do not leave the island if you have’t try the whole meat patties, dolmades, pitaroudia and the fresh fish of the island. If you are fond of the sweets, then the almond whites, melekounia (offered at traditional weddings) and takakia, are the best flavors for you!
Complete your meal with some local wines, liqueurs and souma!

Bon Appetite!




The Local Flavors are not just for tasting!

Eating is a 360º Experience!
So feel it through your 5 Senses! Smell the culture of the island through its delicious flavors! The local wines, the delicious souma, the scent of honey and cinnamon when eating the traditional melekouni.

Bear all of the above in mind and get set to have a marvelous time in the island of Rhodes!

One last thing!

Don’t forget to Enhance your Excitement! You’re about to live an one-of-a-kind Experience!

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