Enhance your 5 Senses in an Island full of contrasts!

Kos Island

You decision to visit the Island of Kos as your vacation destination is final. Kos is full of contrasts, so the only way to have a unique time, is not only to visit its beaches and monuments but to let all your senses guide you and allow to the Island to reveal to you all its secrets.


All historical periods are gathered in one place among the beauty of the nature.
Wander around the streets of Kos town and you will have the opportunity to travel in time from ancient Greece, to the Middle Ages, the Turkish and the Italian occupation, until the modern times through the ruins and the buildings that you will find on your way. All this without a time-capsule, just a few moments from your time under the shadow of the trees and the mixed colors of the flowers you will find popping up on your route.

Breathtaking Sun Pallet
Whether you are an early bird or not there are several opportunities for you to see the magnificent colors of the sun in the sky. Wake up early in the morning and walk around to one of the beautiful beaches of the Island to see the sunrise, if waking up early is not for you don’t worry the sun will compensate for you again at sunset.



It’s a matter of choice
Let your mood guide you to an isolated beach away from the noise where you can only hear your thoughts mixed with the sound of the waves, or to a crowded modern beach where you can join up with the rest of the people having great time with music and sports.

A fantastic travel through the sounds.
At night wander around the streets where you can listen to the singing of the birds at the quiet alleys, the musical themed nights that take place at many hotels or to the mixture of the music of “bar street” where the music is different every 30 meters. Or you can let the Greek music accompany you with its harmony in a Greek restaurant (Taverna) or in the Greek night at many hotels.



At the Sea.
Let the sand of the beach warm your feet or lay on the small pebbles and become one with the earth to take energy from her. Float on the water and let its movement take away all of your stress.

Walking around.
In your wanderings around the city and the villages don’t hesitate to touch the beautiful things you see around and be sure that the feeling will imprint what you see in a magic way.



Love comes through the stomach
If this saying is true the only way to love the Island is to taste what it has to offer. Don’t stay only at the well-known souvlaki, tzatziki & moussaka. Ask the locals to share with you where they eat and try the unique krasotiri (wine cheese) which you can find only in Kos, the stuffed zucchini flowers, dolmades, pliguri (groats), stuffed lamb cooked in a wooden oven and of course, since you are on an Island, the fresh fish. Accompany your meal with a great variety of local wines and finish with the known spoon sweets (tomatoes, pumpkin, grape, and eggplant). Don’t forget to quench your thirst with the iced Kanelada (cinnamon syrup)


Combine your senses
In your journey through the island, combine what you see, what you hear, what you touch and what you eat with the flavors emanating from the jasmine and the night flowers on the streets, the salt of the sea, and the smell of the cinnamon when you drink Kanelada.
Trust yourself to make these combinations and be sure that the next time you smell one of those flavors the rest of your senses will wake up and travel you back to the island where you had the best time of your life.

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