Butterfly Valley of Rhodes

Sense the Flow of Life with the Fellowship of the Butterflies.

Butterfly Valley is a famous destination in Rhodes, in the western side of the island. Find more information and organize your trip with GEM Travel.In the western side of the island of Rhodes lies the Valley of Butterflies. It is the only natural forest of Liquidibar orientalis – also known as Oriental Sweetgum trees – in Europe.

This is the reason that you will find there the butterflies of the genus Panaxia Quadripunctaria, the Jersey Tiger. This species lives wherever they can find the Liquidibar Orientalis trees. They are always magnetized by their characteristic strong scent.

In the August thousands of butterflies are gathering in the valley, in order to reproduce. Then, at the end of the rainy season (end of May), you will find them filling the place at the final stage of their Life Cycle.

Walk through the forest and don’t forget to just Hush… It is important to know that the butterflies cannot eat at this final stage of their lifecycle and they choose the Valley in order to conserve energy.

Any loud noise would force them to fly away, thereby consuming valuable energy. Observe them quietly as they sleep in their black and yellow camouflage.

Finish this wonderful visit at the Museum of Natural History hosted in a nicely restored Italian house of the 30’s, that you will find in the Valley.

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