The company G. AND E. MICHALAKIS SA SAVE with the distinctive title GEM TRAVEL responding to the requirements of modern business reality and aiming at improving its organizational structure and internal communication, decided to design and implement a system with the requirements of International Standard ISO 39001: 2012, with the aim of eliminating deaths and serious injuries caused by road accidents. To achieve the above, the Company seeks:

  • greater efficiency than what can be achieved by simple implementation of legislation,
  • raising the awareness of society that influences Road Safety issues.

The Company System covers the “Provision of travel services to destinations – provision of transportation services” and was designed in accordance with the needs and aspirations of the Company and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of applicable Greek and Community Legislation.

Satisfaction and ensuring the trust of customers, through the fulfillment of defined standards and consistency in delivery are key principles of the Company. More specifically, the Company seeks:

  • minimizing the number of incidents that may affect the continuity of business processes, as well as minimizing their impact.
  • the continuous improvement of the System and the operation of the Company with the effective use of the following tools:


  • Defining and reviewing road safety objectives,
  • Management Review,
  • Internal Inspections,
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions,
  • Systematic analysis of data resulting from the Archives.

In this context, the company:

  • Commits to comply with applicable Greek and Community legislation.
  • It tries to offer its customers more than they expect.
  • Maintains a permanent contact with the customer beyond its contractual obligations.
  • Constantly monitors not only the current needs of its customers but also the needs they will require in the future.
  • Encourages its employees to take initiatives in their area of ​​responsibility and submit proposals for the improvement of its procedures, trains and educates them continuously
  • Considers not only welcome but also desirable any bona fide criticism of its partners and customers regarding the quality of its services.


In order to achieve the above objectives, all the necessary references have been made in the documentation of the System. Through the systematic planning, the control of the processes and the continuous improvement of all the activities, the principles of the Company are fulfilled.


The Management is committed to the disposal of the infrastructure and equipment that is deemed necessary for the implementation of its tasks. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and it is imperative to contribute to the quality management and achievement of the set goals. For this reason, all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the System and act in accordance with the established rules.




Avramios Pouliasis                                                                                                  Rhodes, 15.04.2021

(Version: 1)

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