“Creating authentic and unforgettable travel experiences"

Our History

Gem Travel was founded in 1991 by Mr. George Michalakis in Rhodes as an Incoming Tourism Agency. Never disconnecting from its core corporate values of ethos, passion and vision, the once small local business became a well-established Destination Management Company, awarded nationwide for its achievements & innovations and acknowledged by worldwide Tour Operators.  

With a large crew of holiday experts in self-branded offices on Rhodes and Kos islands and affiliate partners in 10 more destinations all over the islands and mainland of Greece, GEM Travel is offering the full package of tourism services, while focusing on the highest quality and the best value for money relationship.

30 years of history have seen the company increasing its team and arrival numbers, network, turnover and investments; nonetheless it has never compromised on the quality and the service provided to its customer. Gem Travel values to create a long-term trusting culture with its worldwide partners in more than 28 markets. The numerous travelers and companies who have enjoyed its services affirm to an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.



Our Network

Gem Travel is home to a wide-ranging team in its self-owned offices & facilities on Rhodes and Kos islands. Consistently through the years Mr. George Michalakis has created, is renewing and continues inspiring his unique, multilingual team of hospitality specialists. His vision and wisdom combined with the teams’ expertise have established Gem Travel as one of the leading Destination Management Companies in both local markets, by achieving strong and long-term partnerships with tour operators around the world.         

Along with this comes a strong network of associated Businesses in 10 more island and mainland destinations throughout Greece, having allowed Gem Travel’s presence to expand further in the national market. 

The fast and qualified handling of requests and services is ensured by our own IT network, who create the most modern and innovative technology in the Greek tourism branch, repeatedly awarded.


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