Traditional Villages of Rhodes

The Sense of Authentic Greek Culture

There are many possibilities that, until now, you have associated the island of Rhodes just with the blue sea waters and the long beaches. Well, you should know that this place is more than that. In order to realize this fact, you should visit the Traditional Villages, found in the higher altitudes of the island. You will find small jewelries of history and local customs, that are still preserved there by their inhabitants from a generation to another.

If you are fond of alternative experiences, don’t miss the chance to meet some of the traditional villages of the island. You will find pure traditional flavors, produced by the inhabitants of the villages, beautiful churches and one of a kind sceneries of the mountains and the flora of Rhodes. There are many villages located in Rhodes. The more you visit, when visiting the island, the best! Some of the villages you must see, if you want to get the best of the traditional culture of the place are the following:


Named after the Temple of God Apollo, who was the protector of Rhodes Island and fine arts, back at his time. This village is well-known for its Folkloric Museum, where you will find an original setting of an old olive press, along with the equipment used to produce the olive oil. In the Museum you will also find traditional women’s costumes and household utensils.The church that you will find next to the museum was built by the remnants of the ancient temple of Apollo, still existed in the area. As all of the other villages in Rhodes, this one has its unique flavor too! The inhabitants of Apollo are mostly work in the cultivation of olive trees, up until today. This takes long time in history and a great experience in olive oil, which is a shame not to be tasted!



This village is named after its springs with plane trees. You will find the well known spring of Fasouli there. Have some nice strolls, sensing the beauty of nature. You will also find there a Church dedicated to Theotokos, hosting a festival every 8th September of the year. When you want to take some rest from your sally, you will find several taverns serving the famous good meat and local wine of the place. Apart from those, don’t forget to taste the honey that is produced by the locals. The village of Psinthos is known about the last battle and the defeat of the Turks, by the Italians in 1912.


This is the highest village of Rhodes. It is mounted at an altitude of 850 meters of Attavyros, the only mountain of the island (altitude 1.215 meters). On the top of Attavyros you will find the remains of a temple dedicated to Zeus, built by the first King of Crete at the Minoan Period. You should know that this is not just the reason to visit Embonas. In the streets of the village you will discover houses that are a fine example of the traditional architecture of Rhodes. The place is almost untouched from tourism and completely unscathed. In addition to that, you will find many inhabitants still wearing local costumes. You are entering a village where the local customs and traditions are still well held, passing from a generation to another. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch one of the feasts that are usually organized there with traditional dances and songs. Have a nice time and accompany your experience with the famous wine that is produced there.

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