Cruise Excursions & Home Port

Let your clients discover and enjoy sun, sea and land and count on us at any time

Cruise Excursions & Home Port


The Cruise Market is a cornerstone of Gem Travel’s expansion. Shore Excursions and Home Port services are a fundamental, extensive chapter in our history. Cruise is engraved in our company DNA and holds a special place in our heart.


Knowledge of the destination and expertise in operation have established long term cooperation with Cruise Lines approaching Rhodes and Kos islands. A selection of activities, tours, events, transportation, logistics, meet & greet and VIP services is available to our business partners


An extensive menu of over 20 highest quality shore excursions is available in 7 language, for private, small group or standard audiences, executed by local experts.

Knowledgeable, multilingual licensed guides introduce the visitors to the destination, unveiling more than what meets the eye during the short stay.

A dedicated, highly experienced Port Manager and team design custom-made products, perform pre-planning and the on-site setup and management.

Home Port function with meet & greet and transportation services is operated by dedicated port and airport teams.

Reliable, flexible operators coordinate and monitor the excursions program and home port itineraries throughout the day.

Certified products, vehicles, drivers and guides are all compatible with the latest and highest EU Health & Safety standards.

Delivering on our Quality Comfort Safety promise, we make the most out of the Cruise visitor’s precious time on shore!

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