Rhodes Old Town

Sense the Sun and let yourself get lost in the history of Rhodes.

When visiting the Old Town of Rhodes, a.k.a. Medieval City, you are entering the oldest inhabited medieval settlement in Europe. Meet a place where exquisite beauty and the history of the island create a wonderful experience for every visitor.

The best practice, in order to enjoy the most of the Old Town, is to make time and visit the area at least twice. The most preferable time of the day to plan your walks is from early in the afternoon and afterwards, when the temperatures are not to high and the atmosphere is more pleasant.

The Old Town of Rhodes offers you 11 Gates to enter and start your trip to history! Gate d’Amboise, Saint Antony’s Gate, Gate of Saint Athanasios, Gate of Saint John (Koshkinou or Porta Kokkini), Acandia Gate, Gate of Saint Catherine, Gate of the Virgin, Marine Gate, Arnaldo Gate, Gate of the Arsenal, Gate of Saint Paul and Liberty Gate.

Whichever of them you pick, one thing is for sure! You will find great treasures to explore and excite all of your senses!

In Practice

The Medieval City of Rhodes is separated in three different sectors.

Upper Town: In the northern part you will meet some really interesting sights of the Gothic Period, including the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Grand Hospital of the Knights, which is now hosting the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Do not forget to walk through the famous Street of the Knights and feel like going back in time with each step you are taking!
You may enter the Lower Town from the Gate d’Amboise or Saint Anthony’s Gate.

Lower Town: The southern part of the area includes the Hora, were commoners used to live. It is a great combination of Gothic Style buildings along with mosques, public baths and other remnants of the Ottoman period. In this part of the Town you will find the Ibrahim Pasha’s Mosque, the Moslem Library and the Yeni Hammam Public Baths, among other interesting Points of Interest.
You may enter the Lower Town from the Gate d’Amboise.

Jewish Quarter: This least well known part of the Old Town. The streets are quieter and filled with  masterpieces of the Jewish history. Take a beautiful stroll through the “Al Chatef” street, named after an honored family, once lived in Rhodes. If you find it interesting, you may visit the Kahal Kadosh Shalom Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Greece.
You may enter the Jewish corner from the Acandia Gate.

If you walk through the Liberty Gate you will find the remains of the Temple of Venus from the 3rd Century and the Lodge of the Knights of Aiberne, which houses today the governor’s office.

Finally, do not forget to have a long walk through the Medieval City Wall and Moat of the Old Town. It is a wonderful historic walk around the Medieval Town, around the fortifications which was built by the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, enhancing the existing Byzantine walls. At the end of your route you will find the Medieval Moat Theatre, which nowadays hosts most of the summer Cultural Events of the island.

So, get set and let the history and the nature of the place to startle you! If you want to get the full experience of the Old Town’s magic, we suggest to try and get yourself lost in the streets and paths  of the place. Whatever you choose as your strategy, one thing is for sure: Afterwards you will feel that it was totally worth it!

Must See Places:
✓     Temple of Venus.
✓     Moslem Library.
✓     Ibrahim Pasha Mosque.
✓     Public Baths – Yeni Hammam.
✓     Medieval Moat Theatre.
✓     Kahn Kadosh Shalom Synagogue.
✓     Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.
✓     Clock Tower.
✓     Street of the Knights.
✓     Palace of Grand Masters.

Do not Forget:
✓     Wear a comfortable pair of shoes!
✓     Pack your Sense of Curiosity along with your map!
✓     Get yourself lost in the streets and let the Old Town to guide you!

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