Activities & Tours

Let your clients discover and enjoy sun, sea and land and count on us at any time

Activities & Tours


Top attractions, historical landmarks, striking deep blue water beaches, a picturesque countryside of vineyards and olive trees, astonishing forest and mountainous terrain, white -washed or colorful villages and two cities of profound ancient and medieval heritage, Rhodes and Kos have already in the antique ages generated unique relaxation and stimulation experiences.         


Gem Travel blends each destination’s special features with the demographic profile of your clients to create custom-made and exclusive programs for tour operators, corporate clients, individual travelers or groups, standard or private. In an extensive menu of over 30 products, available in 7 different language and running all season, our 12 Greek destinations are ideal to immerse in:

 Sea & Sun

 Leisure & Wellbeing

 History & Culture

 Local life & Tradition

 Action & Adventure

 Nightlife & Fun

 Religion & Pilgrimage

 Eco & Agriculture


We promise Quality Comfort Safety:


  • Vivid, friendly and multilingual licensed guides & experienced escorts are challenging the   

           traveler to switch on exploration mode.  

  • Skilled, dedicated operators prepare and monitor real-time each itinerary in a high-tech

           operation environment, 24/7.

  • Innovative Tour Consultants design the products, process the data of Satisfaction and

           Quality questionnaires to provide you Quality results.

  • Online Sales. Our application for IOS and Android provides descriptions, pictures, prices, 

           availability, stop sales, support of different kind of payments, etc. Documents of payment 

           and tickets are processed by email or sms.

  •  XML connectivity with a wide variety of other systems.
  •  Certified coaches or minor vehicles and drivers are carefully selected to provide a safe and   

            comfortable ride.

  • The latest and highest EU Health & Safety standards are in place, secured with regular,

           weekly or monthly, checks by external Auditors.

“Don’t live it.. Experience it!”

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