MICE Services – What your DMC can do for your Business Trips

Want to reward your partners or employees for their success? Or do you want to ensure that your colleagues will develop team skills while having fun in a popular destination?

Then obviously you are looking for a DMC providing “MICE” services!

A DMC  with expertise in MICE services can help a business create a tailor-made event or a trip. Here are some ideas:

1. A conference in a top destination:

The necessity of a business conference can be combined with the enthusiasm of a small trip so all parties are happy! A DMC  can help you find the proper place and accomodation, provide you with all necessary equipment and even organise you an excursion to celebrate the end of the event!

2. Incentives:

More and more businesses use trips as incentives for their employees’ effectiveness. And why they do it? Because it works! In that field, a DMC company with MICE services can help you: a) choose the destination b) arrange an accommodation c) organise daily trips, cruises and activities d) provide excellent services to the employees to show them they really matter!

3. Team Play!

In the MICE services, team building activities is a top-choice. Your employes can both have fun and develop team skills in a well prepared team building program. Regarding the budget, the business culture and the employees’ interest a DMC company can arrange you a team building event that suits you!

4. Important Events are Important for Everyone!

It is time to celebrate for all the effort and enjoy success. Nothing is better than a well organised event. Your DMC will create for your business a truly memorable experience, by selecting the ideal place and local food!

Start Planning today!

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