Five things to have in your luggage to Rhodes

Camera, swimming suit and a great mood!

1)  Camera , to keep alive your memories of the unique places you will visit :

  • Medieval City of Rhodes (or Old Town) is oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and located within a wall 4 km long.

It is divided according to the Western classical style, with the high town (it was built by the Knights Hospitallers) to the north and the lower town south-west. In the Old Town of Rhodes you will definitely lose track of time.

  • Ancient city of  Ialysos  was one of the three largest on the island and extended around Filerimos hill. The most important monuments of the area are: Acropolis, Temple of Athina Poliada , Monastery of Saint George (built in 15th century. century B.C).
  • Ancient Kamiros,   is a must-visit if you are a history and archeology passionate! The ruins of the city were uncovered in 1859. Its grand public buildings, the Agora, Temples and the Acropolis at the hilltop, witness the glamour of ancient Kamiros. It is an important archaeological site, as the ancient village is preserved in excellent condition.
  • Lindos   is one of Rhodes’ ancient and important cities. It is an archaeological site and located on the east coast of the island, about 50 km south of the City of Rhodes. The Acropolis and its fine beaches make Lindos a popular tourist destination.
  • Kallithea Springs   are located in the city of Kallithea and only 8 km away from the city of Rhodes. They opened their doors on 1 July 2007. The unique combination of nature, architecture and history takes the visitor to another era.
  • Seven Springs, are the secret paradise of Rhodes. The combination of the enormous plane trees, the crystal waters and the singing of the birds offers an unforgettable experience.
  • Valley of Butterflies is a unique natural park, where every year thousands of colorful butterflies appear from mid June to end of  September. The valley has little lakes, wooden bridges and romantic  paths across the forest.
  • Prasonisi, a small islet in winter and a small peninsula in summer. The beach has two faces – a big-waved and open-sea area of the beach to the right, and the secluded left one. Definitely a paradise for funs of board.
  • Picturesque villages, such as : Pastida, Maritsa, Paradeisi, Kremasti,  Monolithos, Profilia, Istrios, Arnitha, Apolakkia, Sianna, Lachania, Emponas, Psinthos, Kritinia, Salakos.

2)  Swimsuit and beach towel, to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Rhodes Island.

Main feature are blue crystal waters & well organization. There are countless beaches to satisfy every taste and age.

The 3 km long sand beach of Afandou, lies on the eastern coast of the  Island, 8 km southern to the Rhodes Town, and 2 km away from the village of  Afandou.

The Faliraki beach, cosmopolite, wild, famous, fully organized is a must-visit while exploring the eastern coast of the Island!

In the same style is the Elli beach of Rhodes Town. It lies between the Mandraki harbour and the Aquarium, in the northern end of the town.

Kolymbia beach is perfectly for people looking for a well-organized spot, with a modern atmosphere.  Kolimbia lies within a small cove, on the eastern coast of the Rhodes island, just 24 km away from the capital.

Anthony Quinn  beach  in Ladiko is definitely one of the most romantic spots of the Rhodes island. It lies on the northeastern coast, only 15 km away from the Rhodes Town, and became famous after the Anthony Quinn’s movie “The Guns of Navarone” was filmed here. The huge rocks make this place ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Gennadi beach with colorful small pebbles and blue crystal waters, is laying 65 km from the Rhodes Town in the north.

Tsampika beach  located only 26 km from the city of Rhodes , on the eastern coast of the Island . Its golden thin sand and shallow crystal waters, offers a perfect safety environment for the families with small kids.

3)  Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen , to protect yourself  from the hot sun while discovering the countless attractions of the Rhodes Island.

The Medieval Town, the Ancient Kamiros,  the unique  Lindos , the Valley of Butterflies, the Monte Smith with its Acropolis and Ancient Stadium, the 7 Springs , the Kallithea Springs, the big Exhibition in Kremasti village with amazing handicrafts from all parts of Greece (from 15 till end of August) , as such as the huge and modern Water Park,  in Faliraki.

4)  Sturdy walking shoes, for a comfortable and relaxing exploration of the Rhodes Island.

To climb the 350 steps of the Monastery Panagias Tsampikas with spectacular view, to walk endless hours  in unique Medieval City of Rhodes, in scenic Lindos with its Acropolis, in  Ancient Ialyssos and Filerimos, in  Ancient Kamiros,  in the amazing Valley of Butterflies, in the small secret paradise of Seven Springs, in the impressive Kallithea Springs and to see the phenomenon in  Prasonisi  beach.

5)  Good mood, patience and ‘’thirst’’ for learning, to visit all the Museums in Old Town, the Palace of Great Magister, to explore the Archeological Sites in Lindos, Ialysos , Kamiros and Kritinia, to see the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes (mostly known as the Aquarium) is housed in a beautiful building, to listen the Sound and Light of Rhodes, is a unique and distinctive form of theatre. Performed without actors it consists of a complex of   speech, music and light with the architecture.

To learn interesting things in the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes  in the central of the capital, in the Museum of Apiculture and Natural History of the Bee in Pastida, in the Museum of Natural History of Rhodes within the area of the valley of the Butterflies.

In case you are over twenty-one and want to try your luck , there is a few minutes away from the historic center , the Casino Rodos.

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